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Where to Eat New Years Weekend

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For some of us, this Saturday is the last day to splurge on a nice meal or indulge in a few alcoholic beverages (please take cabs or have
a DD!)  Of course Culinary Connectors fully supports indulging, we even have a few ideas for your final extravagance of 2011.  Aria has
introduced two fresh new chefs de cuisine. Their NYE menu will take your taste buds on a journey around the world.  Le Grand Bistro will ring in the New Year with plenty of bubbles and live music.  Le Grand will host three seatings starting at 5:30.  You can even begin the recovery process at Le Grand with brunch on New Years Day–bring your receipt from the previous night of debauchery for 20% off.  The Village Cork features a decadent four course menu that includes oysters to get started and ends with a tricked-out rice crispy treat for you to brag about to your homebody friends. The Kitchen will have a New Years celebration to suit anyone’s fancy: a mellow celebratory pre-fixe dinner at The Kitchen proper, the adjoining venue [Upstairs] will feature a five-course menu complete with rare wine and beer parings, and [Next Door] will be transformed to host a DJ and dance party. A special menu will be served until mid-night.  Beatrice & Woodsley’s tranquil atmosphere is the ideal place to recover on New Years Day. Brunch reservations are recommended along with one of their signature cocktails to ease your headache and reflect on 2011. However you decide to spend your New Years Eve, we hope that it is filled with fabulous food and drinks, and good company.  Happy New Year!

Roadtrip to Epiphany

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A quick introduction to 520 Grill in Aspen.

Where to Eat this Weekend: Encore on Colfax

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Encore on Colfax has played a huge part in turning Colfax from slummy to snazzy.   East Colfax was known to many Denverites as the street you stay away from unless you were looking for trouble.  As an East High School alum, this gave me and my peers street cred, but we always saw the potential and charm that Colfax had and fiercely defended our street when kids from the suburbs joked about drive-by shootings.  Then in 2007,  chef Paul C. Reilly and his sister Aileen came along and set up shop in the lobby of the once empty Lowenstein Theater, which also houses the Tattered Cover and Twist & Shout.  Chef Paul is borderline obsessed with using local ingredients and his commitment to the environment is evident in his menu, which changes at least four times a year.  A favorite on the current menu, the Telluride Jalapeño Poppers, are almost a metaphor for Colfax: spicy, smooth, salty and slightly sweet.  The wine list is where Aileen shines; she’s a fan of bubbles and wines that wont break the bank.  A night out at Encore is accessible, but won’t leave you feeling cheap.  The Encore team and regulars affectionately call themselves The Colfax Country Club–it’s a club that all locals should join.  No background check required.


Encore on Colfax 

2550 East Colfax Avenue

Denver, CO 80206

(303) 355-1112











Where to Eat this Weekend: Saxy’s Cafe

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Saxy’s Café is a Boulderite’s dream coffee shop.  With talented baristas whipping and steaming creamy caffeinated combinations in a pub-like atmosphere, Saxy’s is the ideal place to relax for a morning over coffee with friends with a savory breakfast sandwich, or a cozy place to crank out work on your laptop, breaking for a panini or a tea from their impressive collection. With winter finally here, Saxy’s Café is classy, cushy place to call home for a day.


Saxy’s Cafe, Boulder 

2018 10th St.

Boulder, Colorado 80302


Saxy’s Cafe, Basalt 

104 Midland Avenue

Basalt, Colorado 81621